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It is known that V-ATPases (vacuolar H+-ATPase) are involved in breast cancer growth and metastasis. Part of this action is similar to their role in osteoclasts, where they're involved in extracellular acidification and matrix destruction. Lentiviral-shRNA mediated ATP6v1c1 knockdown in 4T1 mouse mammary cancer cells significantly reduces orthotopic and intraosseous tumor growth. ATP6v1c1 knockdown also significantly reduces tumor stimulated bone resorption through osteoclastogenesis at the bone and metastasis in vivo, as well as V-ATPase activity, proliferation, and mTORC1 activation in vitro. The V-ATPase activity may be mediated through mTORC1 and that ATP6v1c1 can be knocked down to block both V-ATPase and mTORC1 activity. Atp6v1c1 is a subunit of the V-ATPase complex and regulator of the assembly of the V and V1 domains of the V-ATPase complex, and it has an essential function in osteoclast mediated bone resorption. Atp6v1c1 RNAi knockdown gene therapy mediated by AAV-shRNA-Atp6v1c1 is a promising novel therapeutic approach for the treatment of bone erosion and inflammatory related diseases, such as periodontitis and rheumatoid arthritis. Atp6v1c1 has an important function in cancer growth and metastasis. Atp6v1c1 may be a viable target for breast cancer therapy and silencing of Atp6v1c1 may be an innovative therapeutic approach for the treatment and prevention of breast cancer growth and metastasis.